After a year-long residency at Tashkeel, Chilean artist Alonsa Guevara has revealed a series of works that show a mystical and hypnotic appreciation for nature, while drawing from local...Read More.

“New experiences are always good for art. When I was a child, we moved from an arid and mountainous city in Chile to a tropical rainforest in Ecuador. Later, as a young adult, I moved to NYC. Now, I am eager to capture and showcase the natural environment here in the Emirates...Read More.

Using round canvases with a range of diameters, Alonsa Guevara deftly paints the plump, juicy insides of oranges, watermelon, and other fruits. Each circular piece depicts a seemingly perfect slice down the middle, capturing the fibrous veins and central seeds found within fresh produce...Read More

In her vivid, sumptuous oil paintings, Chilean artist Alonsa Guevara wishes to celebrate the vast beauty of nature. She gives us the chance to slow down and dive into this world of the senses which she offers to us. In this recent collaboration with Her Clique, three paintings from her Fruit Portraits series have been released as prints, preserving the originals’ beautiful quality while available at an accessible price for a wider audience...Read More

“I thought SPRING/BREAK would be about the excess of the contemporary world, but this is the natural excess that I think people should embrace,” said Guevara... Read More

The work of Alonsa Guevera is influenced by the tropical surroundings of her childhood... Read More

Making creative work is risky.

Whether you're painting, coming up with concepts for a client or writing a song, you don't clock in or clock out. There is no standard market price. No matter how many hours you put in, the value of your product is often subject to the viewer... Read More

Artist Alonsa Guevara paints incredibly realistic fruit paintings. She calls them "fruit portraits" and says they represent "desire, fecundity, and fertility." Some of the fruits she paints are real, while others are imagined... Read More

Alonsa Guevara’s paintings are lush, colorful and full of fecund imagery of fruits, beautiful, lush flowers and female fertility. Guevera’s paintings are a celebration of life and a tropical fiesta... Read More

The New York dream is hard to kill, which is why artists of all stripes still flock here. And for good reason: NYC is the greatest city in the world, and there’s no better place to be discovered... Read More

Evoking the seductive and passionate tones of Baroque paintings, Chilean artist Alonsa Guevera wants us to reconnect with the beauty of nature... Read More

Chilean artist Alonsa Guevara’s upcoming solo exhibition at Anna Zorina Gallery in New York City, titled “Ceremonies,” honors life’s varying stages with renderings of “imaginary rites.” Humans, harvests, and lands are among those celebrated in the exhibition, as a collection of oil paintings on canvas... Read More

AZ: What events in your life led you to start painting? Did you ever picture yourself doing anything else?

AG: Since I was very young I always felt attracted to different kinds of art, not just painting, but drawing, singing, playing instruments, telling stories, etc. I started oil painting with my grandmother when I was 12 years old... Read More

Our friend Jesse Brass just released a new short film, “Desire,” about the work and process of Chilean painter, Alonsa Guevara. Guevara is known for incorporating fruit into her portrait paintings in a sensual light. The film deftly blends interviews with Guevara about her artistic process and stories from her work with visuals of wildlife from the Chilean jungle and scenes with Guevara painting or arranging fruit... Read More

Vibrantes pinturas figurativas, una instalación interactiva y diferentes esculturas elaboradas en técnica mixta, forman parte de la última exposición individual de la artista rancagüina Alonsa Guevara, quien por estos días enseña su exhibición “Espíritu” en la Galería Anna Zorina en Nueva York, Estados Unidos... Read More

As an estimated 200,000 women prepare to gather in Washington, D.C. the day after the inauguration to protest the inescapable threat to their rights that is Donald Trump, 80 female artists are coming together in New York to express their all-caps discontent in “UPRISE/ANGRY WOMEN,”... Read More

Alonsa Guevara of New York, N.Y., a visual artist/painter with some of her work as she prepares for her upcoming art show opening Saturday at the Expressiones Cultural Center in New London...Read More

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