Alonsa Guevara Was born in Rancagua, Chile. She spent seven years of her childhood living in the Ecuadorian tropical forest with her family, growing up surrounded by magnificent landscapes and magical environments, a big reason to be a lover of light, nature and colors.​ Alonsa received her BFA from the Pontific Catholic University of Chile in 2009, and moved to New York in 2011. She graduated from the MFA Program of the New York Academy of Art in 2014 and was granted the Academy's Fellowship award 2015. Her most recent solo show was at Anna Zorina Gallery in NYC, 2016. Alonsa is currently living and working in New York.

2012 – 2014   Master in Fine Arts, MFA, New York Academy of Art, New York, USA..

2005 – 2008   Bachelor of Arts, BFA, Catholic University of Chile, Santiago, Chile.

Scholarships– Awards - Residencies:

2014   New York Academy of Art Fellowship (2015)

2013    Elizabeth Greenshields Grant.

            The Michele and Timothy Barakett Scholarship.

            Terra Foundation Residency, Giverny,France.

2011    First place award, "FEAST" Contest, Stamford Art Association, CT, USA.

2010   First place award, Bicentennial Contest, Rengo, Chile.

2007   Scholarship of Honor, Academic Excellence, PUC, Chile.

2005 - 2008  Ministry of Education Scholarship.

2003   Second place award, “Sewell Patrimonio de la Humanidad", plain air painting, Sewell, Chile.

Solo Exhibitions:

2018    Espíritu, Anna Zorina Gallery, New York, NY, USA.

2016    “Ceremonies”, Anna Zorina Gallery, New York, NY, USA. 

2014   “Over Skin”, GunMetal Ink, Bridgeport, CT, USA.

2013   “FUGITIVAS”, Expressiones Cultural Center, New London, CT, USA.

2012   “Latintempo”, Visual Art Sur, private exhibition, Greenwich, CT, USA.

2010   “The Wine´s Environment”, Las Niñas Vineyard, Santa Cruz, Chile.

2009   “Women's Imprint”, Cultural Center of La Reina: Casona Nemesio Antunez.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2018     “Beyond Figuration”, Cheng Xi Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China.

              “Recipe”, Vendue Range Charleston, SC, USA.

2017     “Punto de Fuga”, Arca Mexico Gallery and Museo del Tequila y el Mezcal, Mexico City, Mexico.

              “Context Art Miami”, Anna Zorina Gallery, Booth #215, Miami, FL, USA. 

             “Through the Eyes of an Artist”, Panepinto Gallery, Jersey City, NJ, USA.

             “Take Home a Nude”, Sotheby’s, Manhattan, NY, USA.

             “Single Fair”, Highline Stages, New York, USA.

             “About Face”, Southampton Art Center, Southampton, NY, USA.

            “PALETTE”, Abend Gallery, Denver, CO, USA.

            “28 Grams”, Fort Works Art Gallery, Fort Worth, TX, USA.

            “UPRISE / ANGRY WOMEN”, The Untitled Space gallery, Manhattan, NY, USA.

2016    "DUETS", Fort Works Art Gallery, Fort Worth, TX, USA.

             Context Art Miami, Anna Zorina Gallery, Booth #230, Miami, FL, USA.

             “INSTALARITY”, Q Art Salon, Santa Ana, CA, USA.

             “Point of Origin”, The Lodge Gallery, Manhattan, NY, USA.

            “Take Home a Nude”, Sotheby’s, Manhattan, NY, USA.

             "Art Southampton" Art Fair, Bridgehampton, NY, USA.  

            “New York Academy of Art”, Vendue Range Charleston, SC, USA.

            “My Favorite Things”, Panepinto Galleries, Hoboken, NJ, USA. 

            “Between Us”, The Lodge Gallery, Manhattan, NY, USA.

2015   “Mementos”, Panepinto Galleries, Hoboken, NJ, USA.

             Context Art Miami, Anna Zorina Gallery, Booth CTX#35, Miami, FL, USA.

            “Take Home a Nude”, Sotheby’s, Manhattan, NY, USA.

            “Global Art”, Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ, USA.

            “Three Women”, Anna Zorina Gallery, New York,  NY, USA.  

            “Fellows 2015”, Mark Miller Gallery, New York,  NY, USA.  

            “9th Annual Summer Exhibition”, Flowers Gallery, New York,  NY, USA.    

            “Small Works”, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC, USA.

            “ NEW WORK NEW YORK”, Williamsburg, NY, USA.

2014   “Protinus”, Dacia Gallery, New York,  NY, USA.

            “Take Home a Nude”, Sotheby’s, New York, NY,USA.

            “MFA Thesis Show”, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY, USA.

            “Hudson Rising Launch Event”, 201 Mulberry St, New York, NY, USA.

            “Giverny”, New York Academy of Art,  New York, NY, USA.

2013   “Take Home a Nude”, Sotheby’s, New York, NY, USA.

           “Single Fair”, RH Gallery, New York,NY, USA.

2012   “My Hero Gala” by AID FOR AIDS International, 10 Debroses St, New York, NY, USA.

           “Deck the Walls” & “Heads”, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY,USA.

           “Visual Passport”, The Ferguson Library, Stamford, CT, USA.

2011   “FEAST”, The Ferguson Library, Stamford, CT, USA.

           “Deck the Halls”, Harbour Towers, New London, CT, USA.

           “Ruta Artenlamesa”, Espanish Cultural Center, Rancagua, Chile.

2010   “Bicentennial Contest of Rengo”, Rengo, Chile.

            “Where There's Smoke”, Museum Casa Colorada Santiago, Santiago Chile.

2008   “Mouse’s Head”, Museum of Visual Arts, Santiago, Chile.

            “Live Art”, Museo de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile.

            “Second Hand”, Chacras de Coria Museum, Mendoza,Argentina.

            “Labyrinths of Love and Eroticism”, Cultural Center of La Reina, Santiago de Chile.

            “Perspectives on the Canvas”, Ana Cortés Studio, UMCE, Santiago de Chile.

2007   “4+ ii”. Regional Museum of Rancagua, Rancagua, Chile.

2003  “Sewell World Heritage”, Regional Museum of Rancagua, Rancagua, Chile.


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Relevant Experience: 

2015 - 2016    Co-founder of Bay Ridge Art Space.

2012 - 2015    Teacher at the Embracing Art Volunteer Team for disadvantaged immigrant kids.

2010                Instructor of Portrait Painting classes. Continuing Education Program, PUC, Santiago, Chile.

2007 - 2010    Drawing and oil painting teacher at the Arte Verde Studio, Rancagua, Chile.

                         Acrylic and oil painting teacher at the Matices Studio, Santiago,  Chile.


Numerous Private collections.             

New York Academy of Art Permanent Collection.

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